A Note From A Caregiver.

Care giving comes in many forms from professional to personal. I worked in the military hospital as a counselor while serving my country as well as on med surge as a nurse when it was too dangerous for me to work on a locked psychiatric ward while carrying my first born. In my teens I... Continue Reading →

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Life IS Good If You CHOOSE For It To Be.

I have had an inquisitive mind for as long as I can remember.I will read anything I can get my hands on. My parents told me that I could be,do or teach myself anything I wanted; I believed them. They raised me with strong faiths and convictions. I was stubborn, curious, strong willed.( Not much... Continue Reading →


Why is alone deemed such a horrible place to be when I spent hours and days alone in my mother's womb comfortably?  The sun rises alone the sunset too, me myself and I alone but tried and true. Why break the silence when within it there is peace? Alone inside my thoughts is where I... Continue Reading →

Fuck OFF Political Correctness

Political correctness needs to 🖕🏻off and Americans need to get back to being real and honest and lighten the hell up. Constitutional Rights not this Liberal Leftist political correctness horse 💩. Heaven forbid we laugh at ourselves or find humor anymore ehh? Anyone know a good Blonde Joke I can get offended and whine over... Continue Reading →


Children FYI: You will NEVER be smarter than your parents. You will NEVER have the right to disrespect them. You will NEVER have more wisdom or insight to EVER CONDONE or dictate anything to them. This generation gap is missing the common sense and values we were taught. Your parents don’t NEED, CARE or REQUIRE... Continue Reading →

Say Mean Things…

Social media is unavoidable if one has the desire to be in the minute to minute know of life. We live in the age of instant attention without physical interaction. With this the world seems to have developed a universal thin skin as well. I like to call it the 'I am the G.O.A.T (greatest... Continue Reading →

We Are Our Own Worse Enemy

I suspect the world could become a lot safer if as many sane, competent people carried weapons daily as the ignorant crazy ones . If those with bad intentions knew that more good people would put a bullet in them for their treachery, they might just think twice and stay home. I contemplate the possibility... Continue Reading →

Medicaid Caps

Trump administration considering lifetime limits on Medicaid benefits https://www.pressherald.com/?p=1327625 Let me preface this in saying that I am not responsible for your perceptions of my comments or how you relate them to you or anyone else. If you go to the RNC official page each and every document, bill proposal is there. Many many pages... Continue Reading →

The Day A Hurricane Improved My Life

January 23rd 2006 I walked into Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville TN to have a scheduled C- Section. It was not a procedure I desired. I had given birth to my three previous children naturally and wished that it could have been an option this day however, today was different; today I was giving birth... Continue Reading →

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