Rain or Shine

The weather is so ambivalent it ironically parallels life. We have days that are bright, sunny & full of joy & other days are filled with fog, rain & thunderous trouble. Lev 26:4 says, then I will give you your rains in their season & the land shall yield its increase & the trees of... Continue Reading →


Not Your Momma’s Preacher!

I have many of you tell me that you appreciate the fact that I do not hide my life. I am as transparent as I can possibly be. I have a call. I am a Pastor but I do not hide my flaws, struggles of humanness. Psalm101:7 says, No one who practices deceit shall dwell... Continue Reading →


When we are in the midst of chaos the devil whispers to us DEFEATED. In that instant we feel angry, scared, frustrated & sometimes just get lost in the situation. Although we pray we are paying so much attention to the things going on around us that it muffles God's voice within us. Hebrews 2:1... Continue Reading →

Our Constitution MUST be Protected

1st and 2nd amendment rights MUST be protected. This politically correct crap MUST be eradicated. I will carry my guns, speak my mind and frankly, it is NO ones business. We all have a right to express our opinions. I find it unfortunate we live in times that youth are coddled and EVERYONE gets a... Continue Reading →

SPEC ED Advocates Corner

Parents should be aware that the school systems will come to you & attempt to soften any potential situations they know that you as a parent could take legal action against them for. Simply talking & complaining will result in nothing. If you are a parent that expects MORE than for an EC teacher to be... Continue Reading →

Lifeisms from the Thoughts Of a Sinner www.facebook.com/ThoughtsOfASinner

Life is like a kaleidoscope; a mingled mix of colors, textures, people & places. For many life is perceived to be one long streak of red; harsh discontent. Hopes shattered time & time again leaving us questioning when it will be our turn to experience prosperity, joy, peace & happiness. Jn 16:24 says, Until now... Continue Reading →

I Am Moxie :-)

  This is me. Ms. Moxie. Mom, Autism Mommy , Special Education Advocate, Writer, Researcher, Teacher, Friend, Grandmother, Sister, daughter, Life Coach, Counselor, Minister and Motivator. If I can do all I did with ALL the mountains and not so great valleys guess what? So CAN YOU!  We are SURVIVORS!    

Where are the Father’s Rights Before Birth? Roe Vs Wade BUT WAIT….

With all of the talk about partial birth abortion ( that Moxie considers murder); it causes me to revisit a long held pet peeve in regards to parental rights. We have a system that is skewed to be very helpful to a woman and down right ignores men. Let me explain my position. Why can a... Continue Reading →

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