No Martyrdom Necessary

Your life was intended for greatness. Faith of a mustard seed. Use it. If you're being abused physically or emotionally today, walk away. Utilize free will and know that some things are unacceptable. Being a Martyr isn't a prerequisite to Heaven. Religion is not faith and faith has nothing to do with religion. This day... Continue Reading →


World of Chaos

 It is tragic that so many adults, parents conduct themselves more like college kids. Instead of parenting they are more about going out with friends, drinking, playing video games, drinking hard liquor with their children a foot. More and more households are in total chaos, children out of control yet it appears to be the 'norm' for a great deal of millennial households. So many adults and children disrespecting their parents and failing to set firm boundaries, REAL, SWIFT, CONSISTENT boundaries or discipline for their own children. 

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