World of Chaos

As I watch the news, Facebook feeds, Twitter and listen to conversations around me, I am saddened to realize that there appears to be a deficit in accountability permeating our society. I hear, ” they made me feel it, they made me do it, they are a bad influence, it is not my fault, I want to be heard and understood but have zero interest in reciprocating. The age of these persons are well into adulthood(29-39) yet they conduct themselves very irresponsibly and childish.
It is tragic that so many adults, parents conduct themselves more like college kids. Instead of parenting they are more about going out with friends, drinking, playing video games, drinking hard liquor with their children a foot. More and more households are in total chaos, children out of control yet it appears to be the ‘norm’ for a great deal of millennial households. So many adults and children disrespecting their parents and failing to set firm boundaries, REAL, SWIFT, CONSISTENT boundaries or discipline for their own children.
God says spare the rod spoil the child. I know for a FACT this is true. I raised four;it only took one time with a bare hand on a bare behind for them to understand that their would be a REAL consequence for behaviors. After that I never had to lay a hand on them again EVER. Yeah and nah were not in our vocabulary. It was yes sir and no mam PERIOD. They did not argue with adults. I meant what I said. No counting to 4. No coddling. They understood that when your grandparents, parent, teacher, aunt, adult tells you to do something you DO it right the first time or receive an immediate and SEVERE consequence. You obey the rules that coincide with the environment. Time out does NOTHING. Allowing a child to continue with a fun activity after having disrespected property, an adult et… is NOT teaching anything EXCEPT that they can behave poorly and still get what they want. My children did NOT stick their tongue out at me, yell at me, throw things not even when they were TWO. As adults they do NOT curse at me, DO NOT treat me rudely or question me or my life nor do I impose my opinion or two cents into theirs without having been asked to by THEM. I fear millennials are raising an entire cohort of spoiled, cannot take criticism and whine about everything mentally, emotionally and physically weak individuals. Many say they do not believe in God and this is the great divide that makes life even more difficult to gain peace, prosperity and calm. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says,
“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, with the temptation He will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”

NO ONE can make ANYONE do ANYTHING. NO one is to blame for your circumstances but YOURSELF. Those of us who know buck passers completely understand the phrase; ‘Misery loves company.’ Miserable people cannot stand the happiness of others. Persons plagued by depression, dislike of self, jealousy will never be far from drama. If there is no drama or discord they will constantly attempt to drag the happy people into their dark cycle of self destruction. As believers all we can do is pray for them and set boundaries that make clear that there is zero tolerance or room for drama and negativity.

God gave each freewill. Keep living life with faith in nothing and the devil will continue to give you that which you fully engage in; CHAOS, DESTRUCTION; DECEPTION. ANGER, SADNESS, JEALOUSY and MISERY! Believers pray for the lost. The world is suffering, our neighbors are suffering all because their love of dark things and hatred of self have become a centrifuge sucking the life out of them. We have real life walking dead all around us. Something has got to change.
Think about it, share it, pray it and be blessed!
Stormie Baez


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