Once upon a time (true story) I was in a ‘marriage’ with a Bigamist. Not only was he the biggest phony holy roller, bible verse spewing, spoken word poetry writing, cry when he worshipped, buy you clothes, gifts, flattering con. He was married and cheating with STILL another ALL at the same time he was MARRIED to me. He had two sons each from different women that he did not support or see on a regular basis although he lived nearby but, being such a strong MAN OF GOD ; I believed his excuses. Long story short. I caught him; kicked him out of my life and thanked God for saving me. I had not thought about him in so long and then this morning an old friend brought to my attention he is yet again married. I am wondering if IT is LEGAL afterall he never bothered to divorce his second wife before we married.

My first thoughts when all of this was brought to my attention was to laugh at the fact that he is in exactly the same spot in every way that he was when I met him. Not one thing has changed or improved. He still cons his way into making people think he is a GREAT guy when he has a dark side that he cries for each and every time he is before the power of God. The shame must be tremendous. For a brief moment I took pleasure in seeing that his life is stagnant. I felt a sinister happiness that he is probably still convinced he will break the lottery code and hit the jackpot.  I felt immense pleasure that while my life has been fruitfully blessed and progressed, his has gone backwards. But then I stopped and thought of the children.

I began to recall  the conversations with his son and the sadness he had felt that his dad abandoned him. I wonder if he ever sees his other younger boy. The pleasure was then replaced with a request from my soul to pray to God  for him. To pray for the sake of his children that I knew and loved, as well as for the new additions. To pray that maybe he has changed and will do right by his new bride, her son and the children they have together. There was a time when I would have gained so much joy in seeing him fail but, now I gain joy only in the hope that the God he claimed to love so much may have finally gotten through to his black heart healing and deactivating the adultery gene passed down to him from both his mother(who was a minister having a long term affair with a married man while married herself and his father who cheated on her and abandoned him).

Karma is said to be the icing on the proverbial cake of the scorned or poorly treated. The reality is that it is simply a worldly term that serves to keep a person within a victim mentality. Real Karma is not the resulting doom and demise of the wrongdoer. Karma is the victory of prosperity, growth and peace that is given when we choose to practice the  faith and love of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that I have overcome my flesh in so many of the ways that once would have forever polluted and blocked the channels for happiness God provides. The best form of Karma you can ever wish upon your enemies is to forgive them and live at peace.

Stormie Baez a.k.a Moxie Rowe



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