The Day A Hurricane Improved My Life

January 23rd 2006 I walked into Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in Nashville TN to have a scheduled C- Section. It was not a procedure I desired. I had given birth to my three previous children naturally and wished that it could have been an option this day however, today was different; today I was giving birth... Continue Reading →


Coffee and Chaos

Is it just me, or does it feel to you as well, that each and every day begins with coffee and chaos? Regardless of which network, anchor or channel; there appears to be more disorder than I ever recall in all of my 48 years of life. While the news media, in my opinion, largely... Continue Reading →

Just Another Not Normal Normal Day

It looks as if my baby boy may finally be resting again. He woke at 0200 asking for his curtains to be opened so he could see. He thought it was time to wake up. He was really agitated; fixated on finding a tiny lil dry erase eraser he had played with yesterday. I finally... Continue Reading →

My Name is Moxie and I Am a Special Needs Momma

This IS my life. I just told my mate today that life feels so chaotic for me. I feel so unmotivated, unenthusiastic. My mind is busy churning thoughts. Physically I feel like a top spinning yet never moving further than a couple of feet at a time. I have so many ideas, plans for myself... Continue Reading →

… And I Feel Fine

We all ended the year in various ways. Some by drinking it away, others by spending time with friends or loved ones or those, like myself, who watched a HORRIBLE film, ' The Disaster Artist' after having shared a delicious dinner and cocktail with my fiance'. Afterwards I happily crawled into the same familiar bed... Continue Reading →

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