… And I Feel Fine

We all ended the year in various ways. Some by drinking it away, others by spending time with friends or loved ones or those, like myself, who watched a HORRIBLE film, ‘ The Disaster Artist’ after having shared a delicious dinner and cocktail with my fiance’. Afterwards I happily crawled into the same familiar bed around a near identical ritualistic time and slept like a baby dreaming at the moment the year ended on this continent. 

For me, New Years Eve and day have been a mixed bag of thoughts and emotions. It is sombering yet tantalizing to celebrate an ending and beginning simultaneously. My youngest daughter was born on December 31st. I rejoice this day each year celebrating my distinct privilege of being her mother and having spent another 365 days with her in this world with me on earth. I also mourn the fact that for each year together, fewer remain. Perhaps for me, this is why new years eve has never been of great interest.

I am a logical lioness that sees no point in trying to end and begin something at once. I find the eating of certain foods for luck and prosperity silly. Then again my reasons for ignoring that tradition hinge on my socially deemed, somewhat archaic, faith in Christ. I do not believe in luck. I just believe in life and living it making choices that are decent, as unselfish as humanly possible. I do not acknowledge start and finish concretely as the concept is infinite. We do not know when time began; as far as we know it has no end other than the various conceptualized endings mankind has constructed as a way to feel it has somehow been conquered or corralled.

As I watched all of the rhetoric, posts of resolutions promising to begin something again ,or anew or renew. As I scrolled past the hopefuls, people declaring all of their,’ I will promise to do such and such  for the first time’,my mind simply reverted to a favorite old R.E.M. song, ‘It’s The End of the World’.  Every January 1st this song plays in my head all day on a loop. Every January 1st it feels as if the world must have somehow ended; I survived and I feel fine. So however you choose to see this man-made marking of time. I hope that you will accomplish each day moving forward, something that brings you growth,that makes a difference to someone else’s life and that the goals you have set for this 2018 counting of the days are all  met with unequivocal success. 


Stormie B

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