Coffee and Chaos


Is it just me, or does it feel to you as well, that each and every day begins with coffee and chaos? Regardless of which network, anchor or channel; there appears to be more disorder than I ever recall in all of my 48 years of life. While the news media, in my opinion, largely attempts to blame all of our woes on the Commander in Chief ; I am not convinced that he is the cause of what seems to be a gargantuan shift in the emotional climate of the world. There are a multitude of differences in many areas of life that have changed since the seventies. When I reminisce my journey into adulthood; I am left almost breathless with the downward spiral life, morals and values in general have taken. It is as if the universe has taken a dive into an oblivion of nonsensical, narcissistic, cold darkness across every avenue. While this is just my opinion; I humbly present to you now, the reasoning for my belief. Take a walk with me back, to what I hope will once again be, our future, after the world recovers from the ashes of the slow death it is now experiencing.

When I was in school, children respected their teachers and if they did not, there were swift and immediate consequences. Going to the office was something to fear and never would we sneer in laughter or curse at our educators. Parents of MY generation would have come out to that school and yanked their son or daughter up by an ear and tanned his or her hides, not make excuses and place blame. Students arrived with supplies  and were given text books that they were responsible and held accountable for. We began each day with The Pledge of Allegiance.  We had lockers to store our items in, we managed to make it to class without armed officers and the need for clear backpacks. We came to school with our mohawks, pink hair, individually styled  clothes and still managed to graduate with honors and go on to become successful college graduates and productive citizens. We did not have mass school shootings by fellow students. We did not have knives, guns and fights breaking out every day.  Children RESPECTED their adults. There was not punitive actions against parents for disciplining their children. A spanking was and IS a spanking and is in NO way a comparison to abuse. When we were told to do something we did it immediately and correct as we knew there would be a consequence swift and consistent. There was none of this counting down or attempting to compliment a child as we simultaneously redirect. When a child did something wrong you stated clearly and directly period. We addressed all adults by Mister or Miss and said please and thank you.

Now let us compare. I worked in the public school system in both the middle schools and high schools.  Young adults are now chastised for dressing to suit his or her personality.(Some students now also dress in attire that I would have only seen in an ‘R’ rated movie at their age ); apparently his or her parents are blind or just no longer engage with their children prior to school anymore. There are no lockers, no book bags allowed unless they are clear, there are police walking around armed. There are no longer REAL field days or activities that compare students or place them in competition for fear of having the students who may not win first place feeling unworthy. We have a school system where teachers have to now use his or her funds to supply a classroom that the states no longer fund and parents now believe that it is the school’s responsibility to provide the most basic of items. When children misbehave parents are enraged at the inconvenience of having to pick a child up who has been suspended and more often than not, blames the teacher  insisting that he or she just does not like his or her son, or is just  picking on their kid. There is slowly a movement away from tryouts for anything to letting whomever signs up rotate in and out. Children are no longer pushed to strive to improve; they are  being taught that the world revolves around them and that wherever they are and choose to be, is where the world should meet them. Students address adults by their given names, parents have a ‘friend’ mentality of raising children instead of that of a mentor, teacher, provider and protector. I can not speak for you; but my parents were my PARENTS and we  became FRIENDS after I grew up and was an adult. I remain respectful of my parents today in a way far surpassing generations that followed.

When I was growing up; I could be dropped off at the mall at the age of 14 and remain there all day without an adult. I could shop, eat, browse and sit with my friends at the food courts laughing and talking. We were not destroying public property, being rude or disrespectful of others. We did not have to worry about being snatched up by strangers and carted off to an underground sex slave industry. There were far fewer kidnappings, drug overdose, violent crimes. We spent our days riding our bikes, walking the neighborhoods, skateboarding, swimming, attending vacation bible school or playing the rare video game that was one of imaginary fun, not a game depicting brutality, aggression, foul language, prostitution and destruction.  Obesity was a rarity. We were far too active to become overweight yet cafeterias actually COOKED real food with real flavor and somehow we were at healthier weights than today’s students that are forced to eat the yuck that is now served.  Do you recall parents  actually spending time with their children; out doing yard work, visiting neighbors having maybe a beer or two and sweet tea? Parents did not run around trying to look twenty one and conducted themselves with class especially in the presence of their children. We now have television commercials that depict things my parents would have never allowed me to see until I was 18. There was a family time on television networks with programming a family could watch together that was an example of life without inappropriate things for developing minds. I cannot turn on a radio or watch television with my grandchildren anymore. I must stream shows individually to attempt to shield them from the atrocity that the world now deems acceptable.

I could go on and on but, if you are understanding where I am coming from, if you are now thinking back and agreeing with all I have stated; it is easy to see that the world has become a ball of chaos, confusion and violence. Few know how to have active conversations anymore. Few can actively listen and respond reasonably. Negotiations cannot be had when everyone thinks that they are entitled to say, think and have whatever it is they want without having to work for it, defend it, or show evidence of why it is preferential. Although we connect via the world wide web with more people, social graces have declined.

We no longer really know our neighbors. Our children do not play together with other neighborhood children once they become school age. Etiquette is almost nonexistent. Everyone is in his or her domain online or on a phone. Neighborhood barbecues are rare. We may connect quantitatively with more people in a day but qualitative interactions, face to face, genuine connections are becoming a thing of the past. It is no wonder each and every day when I turn on the news it always begins with breaking news of what is wrong with the world because quite frankly, it appears that there just isn’t much right about it anymore.

It appears the majority of fundamentals my generation and my parent’s generation were raised by are now considered wrong.(Although they worked far better with better results than this “new day” mentality). The new ‘anything goes mentality’ without firm right and wrongs, encouraging blurred boundaries between adult and child alongside nullifying real accountability  by  process of making everything easy, obtainable without effort is failing to instill the emotions of success and failure equally to prepare young people to be self sufficient and know that to HAVE means to WORK and to FAIL means to WORK harder. I do not see the world getting better any time soon.

We live in a world where it appears that a vast majority of 20-30 year olds no longer respect their parents. They do not cherish their wisdom. They do not believe in anything outside themselves yet they do not know how to accept when the world tells them they are not good enough. They expect pay rates without education. They expect promotions without merit. They expect well behaved children without real discipline, boundaries and expectations. They expect everyone to think they are wonderful and just accept them for whatever it is they think is good and right. They think God is a figment of weak imaginations yet they can find no peace or prosperity all the while looking at the ones they scoff at envying the fact that they have what is desired yet have zero desire to listen to the wisdom of what it takes to obtain it.

We live in a world where people prefer to hear gossip and failure than happiness and success. We live in a world where athletes are paid and revered above surgeons and educators. Those who change and save lives are treated flippantly while those who play games and live outrageously immoral lives are all the rage. People care more about who is cheating on who and what so and so is wearing to an event than cures, saving wildlife and education. Family values, wholesome life, simple, straightforward is where happiness once could be found. Until the world self destructs I sincerely believe that chaos will remain the prevailing atmosphere. The sad thing is that in order to separate oneself from the chaos, it is necessary to disconnect even further from a world that claims to be so much more connected than we were yet emotionally; they are missing so much that this virtual way of life can never offer. Coffee and chaos. I think that I will skip the chaos and just have my coffee reading a novel, a bit of scripture or just having a face to face conversation with my spouse or son. I am thankful I raised my children old school. When I see the way they treat me and one another in comparison to others born in the 90’s it is so apparent that my way, my parents way resulted in more well rounded,  stable, self sufficient, successful, engaged, respectful, nurturing and productive human beings. I pray that they will raise my grandchildren with the same common sense, traditions that are quickly fading in existence. The only hope this world has will be those few that will remain to repopulate when this new world order blows up in their faces.


Stormie Baez aka Moxie Rowe

B.A. M.Ed.




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