Medicaid Caps

Trump administration considering lifetime limits on Medicaid benefits

Let me preface this in saying that I am not responsible for your perceptions of my comments or how you relate them to you or anyone else. If you go to the RNC official page each and every document, bill proposal is there. Many many pages but if you take the time to read entirely it is very easy to see how the DNC takes bits and pieces out of context to continue to try and push a failing medical insurance system and use scare tactics to frighten people into asking to be given zero real choice and remain under the control of an agenda of delusions of grandeur. I’m not interested in debate or arguments. I respectfully agree to disagree and in doing that it in no way insert a feeling of right, wrong or superiority of intelligence any more than your belief does. Everyone has the RIGHT to believe whatever he or she chooses. [ At least until the Socialist agenda frightens people into begging for their constitutional rights to be revoked.]Freedom of speech, right to bare arms and a true democracy are being challenged everyday. Democracy is about choices, opportunities and EVERYONE doing his or her part within their physical and intellectual ability to do so. Free rides,in my opinion, should be given ONLY to those whom can absolutely NOT do ANYTHING to contribute. Aside from that,perhaps if the government focused on paying our educators as the professionals they are, provided text, supplies and stopped micromanaging classroom curriculum maybe, JUST MAYBE we would have more citizens who know how to budget, have work ethic and discipline youth so that we don’t have an entire populace of persons who feel they are entitled to ALL even when they didn’t do the hard work to receive it. Protection for elderly and 100 % disabled absolutely! If someone is not 100 % disabled then have a disability rating similar to that the VA uses and pay on sliding scale that is readjusted quarterly and if the recipient does not take advantage of the care, training and begin to take initiative to improve themselves then let them hit rock bottom. Tough love works for addicts,wayward children and those who have been raised in a cycle of poverty that makes it easier to stay dependent on the government than to do the hard work to improve. I have been the single mom, four children, no support. Had no healthcare. I WORKED three jobs, baby sat, did house cleaning etc while buying supplies for my son BEFORE he qualified for CAP C. I went to school and obtained 3 degrees ALL while working etc… it CAN be done. Is it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely. WAS I on welfare. Umm NO. Sweat,tears and struggle build productive people. Easy street welfare programs provide just enough to survive so that there is no reason to improve resulting in another country of bread lines and TRUE elitist Marxism. I respect everyone’s opinion. I know how it feels to fear but I also KNOW that when it comes to my children and grandchildren and aged parents where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way. I LEARNED that from my Vietnam Veteran father as well it was reinforced as I served my country during Desert Storm. Free is NEVER free when it comes to universal ANYTHING! We can only have a true democracy when everyone has goals to strive for. We are all created equal only in our ability to USE our maximum abilities to obtain that which we are willing to work and sacrifice for. ❤️🙏🏻 Stormie B aka Moxie Rowe


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