We Are Our Own Worse Enemy

I suspect the world could become a lot safer if as many sane, competent people carried weapons daily as the ignorant crazy ones . If those with bad intentions knew that more good people would put a bullet in them for their treachery, they might just think twice and stay home.

I contemplate the possibility that if we as a society did away with ALL social media and just went back to utilizing the World Wide Web as an infinite tool for research and email; people could possibly regain their ability to pay attention, make eye contact and hold conversations articulating intelligently, thoughtfully with those in their presence becoming socially adept once again.

The world is more connected now than ever yet within that connection,society is rotting away. It presents itself to me as a parallel of The Tower of Babel.  At that tower God struck down our ability to communicate seamlessly with one another because in that unity; we bred destruction.  It is tragic to me that no matter the preventative steps God takes  to protect His children; we never cease to find a way to circumvent and self destruct.pexels-photo-626163.jpeg


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