Say Mean Things…


Social media is unavoidable if one has the desire to be in the minute to minute know of life. We live in the age of instant attention without physical interaction. With this the world seems to have developed a universal thin skin as well. I like to call it the ‘I am the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) syndrome. Everyone wants to know everything and overshare their lives while simultaneously getting super offended when the “Old School” generation responds with honest feedback.

It appears most days that the majority of this new generation of people expect that EVERYTHING they do will be met with accolades and unadulterated acceptance? Do they really feel that it is wrong for people to say,”Not so nice” things to them? Really? When did the parallel universe happen upon me?  I find that more and more each day I spend a great deal of time observing and thinking to myself, ‘ What in the HELL has happened to common sense?’ Why would anyone feel that they are entitled to be liked, loved, accepted or needed by EVERYONE? I have a theory.

This last decade, give or take; ( I would estimate roughly since around 2005);  our society has done a tremendous job of erasing incentives, eradicating fair competition while spending more time fraudulently inflating egos to instill self esteem that is based entirely on lies and unearned flattery. Our youth have more access to knowledge than any other time in history yet there is a great majority that are completely inept when it comes to social etiquette, responsibility, accountability, tenacity and discipline. Many of the late 70 and 80’s generation bought into the crazy notion that telling their child NO or THE TRUTH would somehow mar them for life and impede his or her progress.  They fell victim to the theory that a spanking was cruel and unusual punishment. That boundaries were bad.  That having a child EARN what they get or DESERVE it is just wrong. These mistakes have left us with a world of young people who think that everything should be handed to them without merit just because they are breathing. Am I the only person in the world that does not believe that progress has been made? It feels more to me like CHAOS has been planted and is now sprouting like dandelion weeds in an open field.

What has happened? We went from field days at school that had 1st,2nd and 3rd place ribbons to EVERYONE wins! What??? But HOW? That is such a lie.  At no point in life is anyone EQUAL. No where in History has EVERYONE won and life has been equitable and fair at all times. One cannot succeed until he has first failed numerous times to perfect, learn, build. Heaven forbid lil Johnny feels like a failure because he came in last. When I was growing up if you came in last you either didn’t give a crap about that activity or you said, “Wow, I need to improve so I do better next year”.  We dealt with peer pressure by punching someone in the face, not shooting up a school or stabbing someone. We did not have people arrested for fist fights or calling people names. It was called learning to comprehend that others opinion really do not matter and the fastest way to peace is to ignore idiots and mind your own business. We respected our teachers, law enforcement, parents (parents were PARENTS) not our FRIENDS! I know for those of you that see the world through similar lenses, I need not elaborate further. The day we had to END valedictorians at graduation to keep the under achievers from realizing they are under achievers was the day I rolled my eyes so far in the back of my head I do not believe I will ever see straight again. THIS is the generation that will be inevitably taking care of us when we are drooling on ourselves.

I am a very happy 48 year old woman who is never going to candy coat or fake it for anyone. If you want a REAL happy life be YOURSELF. Be HONEST and realize that not everyone will like you and it is OKAY! It is OKAY not to like everyone even in your family. I dislike MANY people and no matter what; I do not foresee that changing. If you spend your life walking on egg shells to be, “politically” correct; if you are more concerned with making  everyone else happy, lie as not to offended or appear disagreeable; you will NEVER be happy. PERIOD!

People were not made for EVERYONE to like, agree with or want to be around. Please do NOT let this world tell you otherwise. If you do not like something or someone do it old school and say, No dear I do not want to go because I do not LIKE your mother No, I do not want to eat that but thank you for offering. No, I do not believe that. No, the joke is NOT funny. No, I do not think that looks good on you. NO, I will not loan her money because she is a lying, manipulative overgrown brat.” You get the idea? It is OKAY to say NO! It is OKAY to be HONEST. It is okay to agree to disagree. It is NOT okay to put on airs and pretend to like people, places or things that you do not. It is called lying by omission and it serves no-one namely yourself.

True happiness is found in honest living. This fairy tale G.O.A.T mentality stifles common sense. YOU are not responsible for other’s happiness and THEY are not responsible for yours. If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck; it is a DUCK and calling it a freaking eagle will not change the fact that it is NEVER going to soar over mountains. Stop the madness. Feeding impressionable egos falsehoods will only lead to major depression and poor choices as the reality of life hits these youth when they enter the REAL world. Guess what? The world expects you to REALLY BE the BEST and it will be starkly apparent in real life that there are only two places in it. The top and the bottom. What degree of variation one is on will depend greatly on how well he or she can adapt to environments and utilize skills that tragically a great majority are being sheltered from learning.

The intellectualism of fluff and puff without discrimination is leading to a chaotic, disappointed and depressed nation of youth whom realize that they indeed are NOT the G.O.A T. they are average at best and if they want better they will have to DO better. When parents, educators, media continually paints a false picture of reality, it is no wonder that mental illness, depression, anger, and rage are at an all time high.

Be authentic and when someone is honest with you accept it with a grain of salt.  Say mean things. Say nice things. Tell the truth and those who are meant to be in your tribe will be. Oil and water do not mix no matter how much sugar you throw on it!!


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