… And I Feel Fine

We all ended the year in various ways. Some by drinking it away, others by spending time with friends or loved ones or those, like myself, who watched a HORRIBLE film, ' The Disaster Artist' after having shared a delicious dinner and cocktail with my fiance'. Afterwards I happily crawled into the same familiar bed... Continue Reading →



Once upon a time (true story) I was in a 'marriage' with a Bigamist. Not only was he the biggest phony holy roller, bible verse spewing, spoken word poetry writing, cry when he worshipped, buy you clothes, gifts, flattering con. He was married and cheating with STILL another ALL at the same time he was... Continue Reading →


  So many things in life are unexpected. The reality is that most of life is unexpected. What IS unexpected really? I mean what does it REALLY mean? We can have an idea of how our day will proceed however; most of what occurs at any given time is unscripted. Life is a gargantuan improv... Continue Reading →


We all have things in our lives that we want to change. The problem is most often we look to others for that change. Scars never become a badge of honor; a beauty mark instead of a blemish until we embrace the fact that whatever caused it is gone & it is only ourselves that... Continue Reading →

I Am Human Just Like You

I've been told that I am a down to earth minister. I feel that the only way to be authentic to my calling is to acknowledge that I am no more righteous, saved or Holy than any other human. 1Jn1:8 says, If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves & the truth is... Continue Reading →

This Morning I SCREAMED…

Can you relate?  This morning began as most mornings. Anthony frustrated ,the internet was running slow causing his favorite Kids YouTube video to drag. Me, listening to the news blaring so that I can keep up with current events. I can just make it out above the constant LOUD train whistle of the video Anthony... Continue Reading →

Love is NOT an Acronym

Today I came to the realization that being 47 is my favorite year in life with the full understanding of how uncomfortable society makes it for women to age gracefully. We are bombarded with products promising to reverse the signs of aging simultaneously running ads that tell us what we should do to FEEL young... Continue Reading →

The Hardest Part…

I’m asked frequently what is the hardest thing about being the mother of an extremely disabled child. The answer surprises as it is NOT what is expected. The most difficult part has NOTHING to do with Anthony nor his Spina Bifida, the hydrocephalus with a tiny shunt that keeps him alive LITERALLY, not the Chiarri... Continue Reading →

No Martyrdom Necessary

Your life was intended for greatness. Faith of a mustard seed. Use it. If you're being abused physically or emotionally today, walk away. Utilize free will and know that some things are unacceptable. Being a Martyr isn't a prerequisite to Heaven. Religion is not faith and faith has nothing to do with religion. This day... Continue Reading →

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